Documentaries Produced

Among Teachers


A group of teenagers attend special classes for twelve days. The teacher tries to awaken in them a consciousness to understand themselves and discover their own vast potential, using a new teaching technique he calls “empowerment education”.

A documentary about the real and direct experience of a mathematics and physics teacher who aims to guide eleven of his students towards recovering their motivation and self-esteem. An experience based on respect, confidence and soul-searching.


Director Pablo Usón

Writer Pablo Usón

Director of Photography Carles Mestres

Cameraman Carles Mestres, Albert Serrado, Miguel Angel Cano

Editor Pere Puigbert

Music La Crem

Sound Marc Soldevila

Production Designer Cristina Carrillo

Costums Carmen Fernández

Financial Director Marta Mira

Executive Producers Pablo Usón y Daniel Hernández

Co-Producers TVE

With the Support of ICAA

Premiere 08/02/2013