The Pelayos


“The Pelayos” is an exciting adventure of a group of young people with promising futures who encounter a great opportunity: their luck turns and they enjoy an adventure that will become a way of life that goes against the flow. They discover how to break the bank in different casinos around the world using an infallible method based on the imperfection of the roulette wheel.


Director Eduard Cortés

Writer Eduard Cortés - Piti Español

Producer Daniel Hernández - Loris Omedes

Director of Photography David Omedes

Editor Koldo Idigoras

Music Micka Luna

Sound Daniel de Zayas

Production Designer Eduard Vallés

Art Director Balter Gallart

Costums Myriam Ibañez

Make-Up Alma Casado - Satur Merino

Hairdresser Alma Casado - Satur Merino

Casting Pep Armengol

Line Producer Xavier Resina

Assistant Editor Enara Calleja

Digital Effects Mariona Omedes

Financial Director Marta Mira - Ingrid Fernández

Executive Producers Daniel Hernández - Loris Omedes - Pablo Usón - Quique Jorba - Gustavo Ferrada

Associate Producers TVC

Co-Producers Bausan Films - Kraken - Afrodita

With the Participation of TVE - Canal +

With the Support of ICAA - ICEC

Distributor Sony Pictures

Premiere 27 de abril 2012


Daniel Brühl Iván

Lluis Homar Gonzalo

Miguel Angel Silvestre Alfredo

Oriol Vila Marcos

Vicente Romero Balón

Huichi Chui Shui

Blanca Súarez: Ingrid

Marina Salas Vanessa

Eduard Fernández En el papel de La Bestia

Festivals and Awards

Spanish Film Festival (Australia) 2012

Spanishen Film Fest Berlin 2012

London Spanish Film Festival 2012

Seminci (Valladolid) 2012

Festival de Cine de Málaga (Premio mejor montaje Koldo Idigoras) 2012

Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastian (Sección Made in Spain) 2012

Spanish Cinema Now (New York) 2012

Spanish Recent Cinema (Miami) 2012

Premis Gaudí (Premio mejor director de producción Eduard Vallès) 2013

Chicago International Latino Cultural Center 2013

1ª Rassegna di cinema catalano a Roma 2013